Myles R Coleman

The non-existing blogger who brought you the non-existing A Cup of Coffee and a Piece of Mind blog.

R is my late father’s initial. Myles & Coleman I made up.
As I’d like to expose some pieces of my mind here, using another name lifts a few inhibitions. Like discussing things I’d otherwise deem too personal, too dark, or that have other people involved. Things like losing my father when I was 7 from what I later learned was suicide. It’s the reason why I think about death every day. It’s also the reason why I have come to embrace life with all its upsides and downsides. It’s why I learned to see beauty in darkness and recognise nastiness hiding behind the light. For what are light and darkness other than shades of grey?

Being (while not being) Myles R Coleman helps me to get out some of the pieces stacked up in my mind – thoughts, ideas, and some random oddness – and find some peace of mind in the process.