For what feels like forever, I’ve been wanting to create a blog.

Something about life, the universe and everything. That sort of summarized the multitude of stuff I had been thinking about… and I had just read the Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy at that time.

It was going to become a collection of ideas that had been piling up in my mind for many years. Blogging would allow me to add some structure to this chaotic mess and then get it out of my head, so as to save my mind from exploding. I decided to call it A Cup of Coffee and a Piece of Mind. Its centrepiece would become something called The Plastic Age Toolkit.

Then I went on intending to start this blog for the next 10 years or so. My mind kept meandering in different directions and I got better at collecting and processing the ideas I had gathered along the way. Evernote proved to be a helpful tool, allowing me to centralize my thoughts in an increasingly organized form. And my mind seemed (mostly) able to carry the weight of 10 years more of ideas relatively successfully.

So for the 10th anniversary of intending to write this blog, I thought I might as well get started by expressing its non-existence. Who knows it will lead to something.